IISM’s Water and Sanitation Program Conducts a Scientific Research in Gunung Kidul Regency

The IISM’s water and sanitation project manager, Mr. Anang-Bagus Setiawan has been chosen by the KURITA Water and Environmental Foundation Japan to conduct his scientific research tittled ‚Optimizing the anaerobic processes of the anaerobic baffled reactor of SANIMAS wastewater in Gunung Kidul Regency’.

The award ceremony was held in Hanoi University of Civil Engineering on 17th August 2017. The program itself aims to promote human resource development through researches to solve water and/or environmental problems in South East Asia, in Particularly Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Since December 2015, IISM has been developing new ideas to expand water and sanitation project, mostly as community-based, such as Biogas, Rain Water Harvesting and Microhydro plant programs in Kalimantan and Sumatra Island. We expect that our experties may support the water and sanitation stakeholders in managing, planning and implementing water and sanitation projects. This should include by closely working together with target communities and local governments.

The project aims to show the current situation of community behavior and technical error that is happening on the site. This is important because the status of the current projects has not been updated with the growing intensity of its threatening activities. The research will also build the capacity of the community based organization to operate and maintain their wastewater facility properly. This will be accompanied by department of public works of Yogyakarta province so that communities are made aware of the need to protect the water contamination for its own sake as much as receiving the benefits from it. This is the most crucial outcome of the project since a positive attitude can contribute to protection of the environment.

The research results will be written in a book as guidance material for the community based organization who is responsible for maintaining and operating SANIMAS wastewater treatment plant. And PowerPoint presentation will be held at a local government meeting in August 2018.

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