Early public and local stakeholders engagement to support Singkep Island community economic diversification toward inclusive and sustainable growth

IISM supports the Lingga Regency Government to develop a shrimp pond industry in Marok Tua Village, Singkep Barat District.  As an archipelago, Lingga Regency is blessed with a comparative advantage potential in the maritime, in addition to the wealth of minerals and other mining materials. The regency assigned PT Pembangunan Selingsing Mandiri as the regional owned enterprise to implement the project.

The support is part of IISM commitment to focus on sustainable development issues in resource-rich regions. The development of alternative economic sectors is part of the work to create diversified businesses and various jobs to generate sustainable growth. This strategy is essential to ensure the community grows and releases its dependence on the temporary mining industry, especially in mineral-rich regions such as Singkep Island.

IISM assisted PT Pembangunan Selingsing Mandiri in conducting the public consultation aimed at involving the community since the beginning of the development planning process. IISM facilitates the equal community and other local stakeholder engagement from the project planning stage to achieve inclusive and sustainable social and economic growth.

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