IISM and BGR Site Visit to Former Tin Mining Area in Singkep Island

Last October, 16-18, 2016,  Indonesia Institute of Sustainable Mining (IISM) represented by Rezki Syahrir together with the Federal Institute for Geosciene and Natural Resources (BGR) represented by Christoph Klein conducted a site visit to Singkep, Lingga Regency, and to Bintan, Bintan Regency, Province Riau islands . The visit came in the framework of research and comparative studies on the used land mining at the site.

The Federal Institute for Geosciene and Natural Resources (BGR) has designed programs for rehabilitation of former tin mining land, and one of location where the program is held is in Bangka Belitung province. Research activities and study visits are the aims to see whether BioRehab technology that has been successfully applied by IISM are applicable there.

IISM have successfully implemented BioRehab technology and applied it at the rehabilitation of abandoned tin mining site and the like. The former tin mining site on the island Singkep, Lingga District and the tailing pond of quartz sand mine in the district of Bintan are two pilot projects for IISM using BioRehab technology.

Site visit was accompanied by representative of PT Tri Panorama Setia, Muhammad Hatta and also representatives of Lingga local government. The visit focused attention on the importance of post-mining land rehabilitation in order to be utilized as productive land again. It is expected the rehabilitated mining land may generate economic value if it will be occupied by the surrounding local community.

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