IISM Site Visit to PT Bukit Asam in Tanjung Enim

As an institution which concern on sustaibnability issues in mining industry, IISM collaborates with PT Bukit Asam (PTBA) for a community-based agro-industry development project. The project is located on PTBA’s former coal mining land in Tanjung Enim, Muara Enim, South Sumatra.

PTBA is a coal mining company with a great concern on environmental and social sustainability aspects. One of the company’s environmental and social programs is to develop an agro-industrial activity on their ex-mining site by optimally involving the community and local stakeholders. Based on the similarity in their vision, IISM and PTBA then agreed to conduct research cooperation on the program. As a first step, IISM will conduct a research and field trials program development for two years.

The visit was dated in January, 30th to February, 1st 2017 and preceded by IISM meeting with PTBA’s management of Tanjung Enim Mining Unit. During the meeting, IISM, represented by Rezki Syahrir, Ari Maulana and Ardila Yulianti, and PTBA represented by Mr Suhedi (General Manager of Tanjung Enim Mining Unit), Mr Wisjnoe Adjie (Senior Manager of Environmental and Mine Supporting), as well as Mr Agus Achmad Syarif Ariyanto (Manager of Environmental Planning), discussed more about concept and technical and cooperation. Afterwards, guided by Mr. Achmad Syarif and PTBA’s environmental planning staffs, IISM visited the proposed project site in PTBA’s ex-coal mining site.

There are a lot of expectations for the future cooperation between the two institutions. “We hope IISM can be a trigger in the development of the community-based agro-industry program on PTBA’s post-mining land” said Mr Achmad Syarif during the visit.

Author: Fitria Yuniarti

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